Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapist / Sports Massage Therapist and Rehab Clinician with the ISRM

Soft tissue therapy and sports massage isn’t for just ‘sports people’. It’s designed to help people move better, relieve pain and promote recovery and health. This can also help with muscular imbalances caused from repetitive movements in certain sports or job roles. This results in better performance in either the sport you choose to participate in, or make you more productive and comfortable in your job role. This will also allow you to move more easily and without pain.


Of course, soft tissue therapy / sports massage isn’t always the answer and if the client needs to be referred to another specialist (physio, osteopath, chiropractor, doctor), that can be arranged. Please do let me know if you have any previous issues or injuries when booking.


30 Minutes: £35
60 Minutes: £42.50
Home visit 60 minutes: £65 please email for more details


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Does it hurt?
Sports massage is a deep massage which can be painful when hitting areas of tension, but the idea isn’t to keep you in as much pain as possible throughout the session, but to deregulate the nervous system (relax the muscles if tight), promote movement and promote recovery.

What do I wear?
For men either shorts or underwear and for women sports bra if possible or normal bra if you don’t have one, underwear with shorts.

Do I need to remove all clothing?
Depends on what area needs working on, if it’s just your legs then your top can stay on and visa versa.

Do I need a consultation?
Every new client will need a consultation which will take 15-30 minutes, but this will only have to be done the first time, after that a record card will just need signing.

Are there any conditions that mean you couldn’t treat/massage?
There would be some contraindications that might make treatment a problem like skin conditions, fractures, recent operations, open wounds, cancers, thrombosis, varicose veins, problems that could be worsened by massage. If you are unsure please phone beforehand to discuss whether massage is the right course of action for you.

I am pregnant, can you treat me?
Unfortunately I don’t have the qualifications or experience to treat pregnant women. I would suggest you find someone who specializes in pregnancy massage.

What oil do you use?
I don’t use oil I use a lotion which is specifically designed for longer massage.
It doesn’t leave any stains or marks on clothes with no smell, has no animal products, dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic.

Will you leave the room whilst I get undressed?

How many sessions will I need?
Unfortunately, I can’t answer that until I meet you and discuss what issues you have, it could be simple or complicated. There’s no knowing until we get you on the couch.

Do I need consent from my GP?

Can I have a sports massage if I don’t do sport?
Most definitely! In fact, most people can find it very beneficial to have massage once a month. With the sedentary jobs that a lot of people have, releasing tissues can have a positive effect on their everyday lives. People with manual jobs as well can benefit from massage, repetitive movements can create repetitive strain injuries where muscles and tendons get tight and start to cause pain.

What are the benefits of sports massage?
There are many benefits of sports massage, some of the main ones are released tension on the musculoskeletal system, this can also release stress in daily life; promoting good posture by releasing muscles that may be static or tend to be in one position throughout the day, due to work or sport; working alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths to help with injury recovery; reducing pain caused by injury by deregulating the nervous system and bringing the body to more relaxed state.