Jon, Solicitor.

‘I have been training with Trev on a 1-2-1 basis for nearly a year now and have found the experience to be challenging, successful and fun! I used personal trainers for many years in London and Bristol before moving to Cornwall.
The reasons why it works so well for me is that Trev takes the time to really understand what I want to achieve and agree with me what my realistic goals should be given my age and general level of fitness. Trev then prepares a suitable programme of exercise to give me the best chance of getting where I want to be. One of the highlights has been that, on the whole time we have worked together, we have never repeated a session. This is because all sessions have been planned by Trev in advance and that has meant I have never been bored with the workouts – pushed to my limits on many occasions but never bored!
As a person Trev is very engaging and his passion for fitness and training in general is infectious. He keeps himself very fit and if necessary can demonstrate what he wants me to do so that my technique is absolutely right. This has been helpful but also increased my respect for his ability and commitment, something which is sadly lacking in other personal trainers whose own levels of fitness and ability are frankly sub-standard.
I look forward to my training with Trev, I know I will be pushed, encouraged and that the session will be delivered with a smile. I would not have achieved the results I wanted without his help and expertise.
So is he the best Personal Trainer in Cornwall? So far as I am concerned 100% yes!