Jilly, Management Consultant.

‘I started training with Trev 3 years ago, I was exercising regularly but not pushing myself to make progress and, having attended some of Trev’s classes, knew he would be an excellent personal trainer. We discussed my goals and he devised a programme which has worked brilliantly – in my mid-50’s I am stronger and fitter than I have been for decades; once again able to run, pain-free, after double knee surgery. Trev’s training takes account of physical limitations, making sure I don’t do things that could cause an injury;  his supervision, especially during strength work, is faultless. The 1-2-1 sessions are physically hard yet at the same time motivating and fun (yes, really!), I also never know exactly what a session will be like – every one has been different, which is great as I easily get bored doing ‘gym time’. Trev’s a great role model, his personal dedication to health and fitness is a big factor in whether I respect personal trainers.  We’ve recently reviewed my goals and added new ones with challenges for the months ahead – can’t wait!