Box fit

Box fit is as it sounds – boxing and fitness combined together. You learn how to hit pads properly with a number system so everyone is singing off the same song sheet. Come to this and forget about the day’s stresses and problems, letting them all go in hitting the pads. Like-minded people all training… Read more »

Total Body Blast

A high intensity class that works the whole body with peripheral heart action, propulsion, agility, high intensity interval training (HIIT), core and balance work. This tri plantar movement class will get you sweating and your heart rate up for 45 minutes (warm up and cool down included). Using mostly bodyweight exercises but some light equipment… Read more »

Kettlebell Club

Kettlebell Club is where we get to utilise the strength and movements benefits of the kettlebell. These classes are designed to encourage different types of movement away from the constraints of the gym.  Open to all, the kettlebell allows these different patterns of movement to be engaged by any level of participant no matter what… Read more »